Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Personal Mantras (For Keeping Me on Track for Long Term Goals - AKA SAVING MONEY)

Welcoming myself back, I thought I would share some personal mantras that I tell myself for keeping on track. This happens to be a question I get asked the most; they're more along the lines of "How do you keep your shit together?" or comments like "I wish I had your self control".

Here's the thing, I don't have self control and I recognize that which forces me to overcompensate. I'm one of those people who will go to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for dinner, even though I have some of the ingredients at home (because my logic is that I can use the rest later but then I never do because I always buy more). However, my wallet "be tellin me no-oh-oh" and I've had to force myself to do better because I have long term goals that I plan to achieve and I have to consciously work toward them.

I'm trying to do the "adulting" thing and it takes work, which involves me going "Hey girl (me to me), do you really need to buy 10 for 10 pasta? Because they are quite literally always 10 for 10 and you don't have the space. Put it down." Me to me again "But, what if I can't make it to the store again?" "You will." "Yeah but before I want pasta again?" "Girl, you have like 4 half opened boxes at home because you're one person." "Oh, shit, you're right. It's just the shape is not what I want it to be" *Internally gives myself side eye* "Really, bitch"....."Fine". 

Usually if I'm in a store staring at something for a long time or mosey-ing around the store, my internal dialogue is some semblance of that.  

I digressed.

Any don't have to be as um internally rigorous - this is how I'll phrase that so I don't actually have to realize how much of a nutcase I'm becoming :) - you can use these mantras to remind yourself that you have long term goals you need to achieve; also known as mantras to remind you to save money because let's face it, there are only three things you need to achieve something: time, money, and self-discipline. Here's how I work towards getting the third and subsequently, the second, then first.

(after writing these, I realized some of them sound funny but no, this stuff is real for me!)

  • Don't buy that. You don't need it, you have one of them already
    • stopping myself from impulse buys
  • They're going to go bad before you eat both, buy one.
    • I'm a huge grocery/farmer's market person so like this is a big one
  • Stop overthinking
  • I already ate.
  • I'm only spending $20 today and I spent $10 on gas, you don't need that croissant.
  • Put it on a list and if you still want it in 40 hours, buy it then.
  • "Treat yo self" okay but it has to be under $5 or free.
    • go for a drive and blast Formation by the king! p.s. if you haven't heard this song, stop sleeping under a rock. 
  • Go home and see if you have conditioner first before you buy a new bottle.
  • Do you really need it?
  • "Nigga (or bitch) you broke". (a quote from a friend)
  • Yes, $.03 adds up
  • You have bras, skip Adore Me this month
  • If it's in your savings, don't touch it.
  • Are you sure you're hungry? Drink a glass of water then take a nap and then let me know
    • seriously but don't starve yourself
  • Take ya ass home, you got food, alcohol, Netflix, and a bed there...that you payin for
  • Turn off the lights in here, baby
  • Don't forget to pay "" bill because that late fee gives you Sasha Fierce realness
  • You don't need to bleach your hair again, grow it out and call it ombre.
  • You're single, skip a wax or 9
  • Walk and breathe, it's probably better for you anyway
  • Deal with something stressful before it becomes stress
  • You really only need 6 hours of sleep and 2 hours of me time, apply for that part time job
  • Be real with an acquaintance, tell them that you're not looking to take on any friends right now.
  • Say no to the bourbon and get water.
  • Wait
  • Yes MD is quick but you know you really don't want it, get some water and hold out.
  • You have prime, why are you going to the mall
  • Old Navy is great but only go to the store to buy clearance or try on clothes to later purchase online...also they never have tall in the store, only long
  • Go talk to them,'s free.
  • Great, you saved $15 today, that you can save again tomorrow.
If you realize this stuff is too much, at least let it help you in guiding your choices. Remember, these are my personal things, they don't have to be yours.

Thank you for reading! Also, if you have something, comment below! I'm always looking for more funny things.