Sunday, July 21, 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag | ShamoyaKelly (+15 bonus facts)

Shamoya here and I decided to start this blog to go along with the youtube channel I just created. It's
I just uploaded my first video name eponymous with the title of this post.
It's a short and quick video with the most random facts about me, I start by talking a little bit about my family and then move into the weirder and weirder. Anyways, I'm leaving it here so you guys can check it out but I like this blogging thing, I think I might keep doing it...I like that I can write and post what I want and actually blog.

But ya, here it is and I've also included a few extra facts about me down below, so check it out!

Other randoms about me
1. Oh shit! I forgot my starbucks coffee is in the freezer, I'll be right back! 
    It didn't crack woooo! I'm a little forgetful about certain things but I can remember weird facts.
2. Raven Symone and I have the same birthday, she's freaking amazing
3. I broke my wrist because I was trying to do a German dance off the side of a stone pond, it was wet and I slipped.
4. I love water: drinking it, being in it. I just love being in a body of water and floating there
5. I used to be able to hold my breath for up to 3 minutes but now ehhh got to get back in shape
6. I pretty much always eat healthy but I have bad binges where I just don't give a 
7. I have been told that I am too open minded
8. I love rain and I remember one time I got in trouble for laying outside on the pavement while it was raining.
9. When I was a kid, my cousin and I tried to cook the fish in our fish tank, we caught it and put it in the sink to scale it, then in the pot with dry pasta to make fish lo mein which leads me to say
10. My dad always kept like a 100 gallon tank with carnivorous fish
11. I love British slang
12. I was chatting with a friend the other day and we came to the realization that wherever I travel to, I pick up the accent of the people around me. When I came back from France I had a Spanish/French accent, in Ga I pick up the southern twang and when I'm here in New York, I sound like I never left.
13. My birth was a miracle, both my mother and I almost, you know
14. I love helping people
15. I can't think of anything else, maybe I'll come back and add more...I'll probably forget haha 


leave me some facts about yourself below! Maybe we have things in common and I could add them to this list!

avec bisoux-shamoya

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