Monday, June 9, 2014

Buzzfeed Clean Eating Challenge-Day 1


-I made it through day 1, no struggles? was super easy and affordable.
Buzzfeed made it so that the challenge (not diet) starts on a sunday, not a monday but I started on a monday, so for every day, I will be one day behind or ahead, you know what I mean.

Day 1: Buzzfeed Post Here
   this includes all the recipes I followed and steps that I took. Make sure you read through the original blogpost and do the prep first. Then move on to day 1!

This morning I had to go to work, so I woke up at 6:30 and prepared my breakfast and lunch (you won't have to do this, if you start on a sunday, trust me, starting on a sunday makes it that much more easier) it took me a total of 30 minutes.

First thing to prepare was lunch!

Just putting this out there, I didn't have feta (forgot to buy it) or a vegetable peeler. So I skipped on the feta (obviously) and for my asparagus, I bought really thin ones, so I just split them in half and they were really thin. I do recommend using a peeler if you have one. (I later found out that I have a vegetable peeler and I should probably check my drawers for equipment before I make assumptions)

Pro-Tip 1: Double check for a vegetable peeler, it will save you some time but
Pro-Tip 2: if you don't have one, buy one or opt for the skinnier asparagus when shopping and split them in half or thirds, you'll pretty much get them same result. (thicker ones if you have a peeler)
Pro-Tip 3: This doesn't really travel well, so start this on a sunday, therefore, you won't have to travel with a salad and eggs.
Pro-Tip 4: Use olive oil! I used coconut oil thinking it would be a better choice, nope. Follow their instructions, they work and create yum yumms.

Here are some photos of my prep.

Okay breakfast. I made this second so I could have it on the way out. However, forgetful me forgot to buy almond milk and almond butter, so again, I had to skip on those.
Pro-Tip 1: check your grocery lists before you leave the grocery store :P

So I used regular milk, the kale, and the was not pleasant. I did not consume, instead, I had a big bottle of water and a banana (same thing right?)

*when I got home, I made the smoothie properly and it was f***** delicious!*

Snack was the carrots and hummus, simple enough and yummy! Didn't take photos of that.

Then I made dinner! THE BEST PART!
I had all the ingredients for once and made everything to the tee, it was perfect!

I loved this. The kale was amazing and mildly addictive, the quinoa was perfect and the chicken was juicy, seasoned, and flavorful. This is big for me because as an island girl, I love adobo and seasoning, so seasoning something with just salt and pepper, I was hesitant but it turned out amazing!!!!

Pro-Tip 1: Follow the instructions, it will make for a yummy dish.
I roasted my chicken breasts and it looked like this:

I made the vinaigrette and the tip
Pro-Tip 2: Put the ingredients into a mason jar and shake, emulsifies really quickly without breaking and when you're done, air tight storage.
Pro-Tip 3: Put the vinigrette on the hot quinoa, it will absorb it and have amazing flavor
I didn't have any other storage, so I'm storing everything in mason jars. Here are the leftovers for tomorrow

Finished Plate. Delicious

That;s it for now. I will be having my snack later, I don't have almond butter, so I'll just have a pear and some water, maybe a grapefruit but I hope you enjoyed this and that this tips are helpful!

I know I didn't stick to every detail but I worked with what I had, I didn't go hungry and I didn't opt out for a chicken biscuit (which crossed my mind multiple times). In my head, this is a success!
Now excuse me, I have 7 more episodes of OITNB to finish and 2 seasons of GoT to catch up on.

See ya tomorrow for Day 2!

If you don't know what this post is, refer to this post, take the challenge with me.

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