Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life Is Like A Pack Of Starbursts

This will either resonate with you and you'll think I'm some type of genius or delude you to think that I'm a product of my 6am lack of sleep thoughts...or both, which I hope is what you get from this and also a new outlook on life (as far as I'm concerned, this is completely original).

Hey so the title of this post "LIFE IS LIKE A PACK OF STARBURSTS"

Well what does that mean?

My target audience for this to resonate with are those in some type of tertiary school.
We're all looking for a job, we are the starbursts. We a constantly waiting for a consumer to open up the lucky pack and find us. Those consumers are the companies we're hoping to hire us.

Yes, I know that starbursts are incapable of going out there and getting the job themselves but let's disregard for right now because as much as we want to think that's the way the world always works, it  sometimes doesn't. If the consumers don't want to eat us, we're not going to get eaten. We'll dry up, get hard and end up at the bottom of the bag that is society, old and inedible.

Good so far? Consumers=companies, starbursts=us

We have these different special packs of starbursts, like the sour ones or the slushies. Each special pack is a type of school (private, ivy-league) or original (traditional public) etc.

You get where I'm going with this?

You have some of these companies that are super picky consumers, they only want blue sour starbursts, that's it. If you're not one of these, they're not going to eat you. So much so that they constantly buy all of these sour blue starbursts that just in case they eat one, they have one to replace it.

With that said, even though consumers open up an original pack and fight over the reds and the pinks, there are consumers that are searching for the yellows and oranges, so don't give up if you're being fought over. Keep shining bright like the sun and a consumer will come along and eat you up.

This was probably really half-assed and I'm sure you can detect that but my brain made it really convoluted and I tried to simplify it for this post. The point was to make sure you know not to try and change your color but stand firm, shine bright, and someone will come along searching for you and only you.

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