Friday, July 26, 2013

Detox Day 1: Part 2 UH OH

So I almost made it through day one but.....I ate some chicken....and rice. I am human uh oh
I have reasons though, remember, how in my last post I told you I wasn't feeling well because of "mother nature" well I threw up as a result of that and trust me, it didn't have anything to do with the smoothies this just always happens on the first day of my cycle. So I was kind of expecting it but not hoping for it. Then I got really hungry so I ate just a small plate of food, turned out I got full really fast but anyways, I can already see changes in my skin and lips. Normally, when I and most other females start their cycles our bodies react in lots of ways. For example, breaking out, this normally happens to me but for some reason my face is really clear and it has to be due to this because these smoothies are the only thing that changed in my diet. Also, I'm not really bloated and I feel really energized!
So I almost made it through day 1 but I want to get through day 2 NO EXCUSES!

In making smoothies, I've realized that it's an art. You have to start with a base (something with high water content or a liquid) to liquify it, then a couple of main flavors, and some type of leafy green to give you some vitamins and make it much more healthier and filling.

After my first smoothie I had two more. One for dinner and one just for a snack, I'm sipping on it now and both of these were DELICIOUS!

Have any of you ever had strawberry fennel ice cream? Well, it's f*king delicious and I tried and succeeded in recreating it as a smoothie.
Here's the recipe (I did everything by taste -which you should too- so bear with me)

My Base:

handful of chopped frozen strawberries (around half a cup)
about 2 times that amount of fennel

about 9 or 10 frozen banana slices or chunks (I wanted it to be creamy like the ice cream)

Leafy Green:
couple handfuls of spinach

Then hit the liquify button till smooth or your desired texture, this was so good! You have to try it, it sounds funky but it's good. If you don't believe me make it or go try strawberry fennel ice cream

This is it before I started blending
It blending! Look how good that looks, so creamy!
And in the glass ready to slurp!

My snack smoothie (sipping on it now)

My Base:
Frozen Cucumbers
Frozen Apples

Mint Leaves

That's it, it's so good! and it's just a snack smoothie. So cooling and refreshing.

No makeup or edit! Look at how pink my lips are and how clear my skin is!

I feel so good and now it's time for a warm shower and a goodnight!
Dormez bien mes amours!

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