Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smoothie Detox: Day 1

Hey all!
Okay, so I decided I need to make a change and I was speaking with my sister's friend whom I get along with really well and we were thinking about starting the juice diet or smoothie diet because we both don't have juicers haha and we talked about it on Monday, then just kind of went back to our worlds. But yesterday (tuesday) I was thinking to myself that I really should do it because I want to get all the gook out of my system and obviously lose some weight.
So, I spent a couple hours last night researching it and figuring out how to start it and how to be successful, I got tired of reading and went to bed  but I woke up this morning with some clarity and I just thought to myself ''if I'm going to do it, I just got to start and start now''.

So I got out of bed around 8:45 and walked to my sister's room and asked her if she wanted to join me and she was caught so off guard because it was so random but you know, whatever haha and she said I don't know, I'm tired leave me alone haha.

So I did my morning things (still hungry as a mofo because by this point I'm determined to start today) then I left for the grocery store and got these things:
I don't think you can read that so I'll just list everything here (I tried to by everything whole and fresh because it'll save money and I can prep. everything myself)

Frozen Foods:
Frozen Tropical Fruit:A bag of frozen papaya, kewi, mango, and pineapple mix (it sounded yummy)

Milkshake Straws (I love straws so I bought the big thick ones because I knew the smoothies would be thick and ps. who likes to drink smoothies without straws? Satan, yeah that's what I thought)

Okay now for everything else:
Plain Kefir
A bottle of original Kombucha
3 Lemons
4 Navel Oranges
A bag of baby peeled carrots (they're on sale and were cheaper than the regular carrots)
1 lb strawberries
1 Fennel Bulb
3 Gala Apples
A Bunch of Bananas
Bunch of Beets (4)
2 Coconut Waters
6 Kirby Cucumbers
2 Grapefruits
2 Small Honeydews
2 Bunches of Kale
3 Large Mangoes
4 Limes
Baby Watermelon
Bag of Micro Spinach
Mint Package
3 Peaches
Red Swiss Chard
A Pineapple
3 Romaine Hearts
1 Tomato (not for juicing)
Package of Almonds

This is most of it (I got what I could in the photo)

So after this taking these photos my stomach is now growling (it's around 12:30) and I took down all my plastic containers that I saved from takeout and my zip top bags and started prepping. Now everything is put away and looks like this. (I put stuff in the freezer so when I blend them, the smoothie will be cool and nice...I hate warm smoothies, they make me cringe a lot

In terms of prepping everything,
I first blended the carrots with a cup of water then set them aside to drain, then I blended the beets to a pulp and put them away in a container in the freezer. Everything else I washed, peeled, and chopped. Well everything except the mangoes, apples, oranges, limes, and grapefruits. Those I have divided into 2 of the paper shopping bags in the bottom of the fridge. But ya, I'm done prepping now and I feel good

One thing I forgot to mention is that I was super hungry so while I was chopping things I was throwing things into the blender. So, I had some left over beet from when I pulverized it earlier, some kale, spinach, apples, a lime, watermelon, honeydew, and mango. I'll post the exact measurements at the bottom of the post and it's kind of a hodge podge smoothie because I was so hungry and I just threw things in, it's definitely not the best smoothie so far but it's manageable and I know now that I can't just throw things in and press liquify. I have to think about the flavors and stuff.
So stick around for more posts and updates about this detox and "diet" this week. I am challenging myself to do it for a minimum of 5 days because your body takes 72 hours to clean itself out and I'm giving it 2 more days to adjust but if I feel good and want to keep going, I won't hold myself back.

The smoothie I made looks like this, I'm almost done with it haha and this recipe is underneath the photo.

Looks bad right, whatever haha
7 inch chunk of watermelon, another of honeydew
a bit of beet puree that didn't pour out of the blender
half an apple
half of a mango
juice of 1 lime
1 little chunk of ginger
small handful of spinach and
a larger handful of kale
then liquify until it's as smooth as it's going to get
*definitely not the best but I will post better recipes to come, this is just what I'm drinking now.

Feelings: Right now, I feel good, I feel energized but I'm also on my period (oops tmi) so I have cramps but I'm also worried about staying true to this and not giving into pms and ordering Chinese and binging on chocolate but keep checking for more posts and you'll see if I make it or not

Until my next post cheries, and check out my youtube channel

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